Shoujo City 更新 0.19.16

Update 0.9.16 is released on Steam and Google Play. Here is what is new in this update:

0.9.16 已经发布在steam上和Google Play 上。这里是这次更新的新内容。

☆ Bicycle

☆ 垃圾桶

A bicycle can be used to ride in the school and Akihabara maps (can be found in bicycle storage in the school and under bridge in Akihabara). In pillow dating mode you can place your pillow in the back.


☆ New trees

☆ 新的树

Most trees in the game are replaced with new assets: sakura trees, maples, pines, bamboo, palm trees. All these new models have small wind animations, better textures and shading.


☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Improved camera performance for taking photos. In the past the game used two separate cameras – to render (blurred) world outside of camera view and to render photo preview inside in-game smartphone. This setup was very expensive to render and caused about 50% FPS drop whenever in-game smartphone camera was activated (both on PC and mobile). Now there is only one camera with blur effect outside of smartphone view with much better performance.
  • In-game smartphone (while in camera mode) is now placed correctly in the center of the screen, in all aspect ratios.
  • All characters now have small quick eye movements (saccades), similar to human eye movements in real life.
  • Fixed an error that occasionally produced two same numbers as choices in math tests.
  • Kakigoori and handmade chocolate are excluded from the list of food girlfriend can ask for (affects only new games and not loaded games).
  • Fixed a minor issue with girlfriend sitting on the ground while holding objects which should prevent her from sitting.

☆ 其他添加和改进

  • 优化了相机拍照片的体验。在以前的游戏中使用了两个独立摄像头 —— 来获得(模糊的)世界外相机浏览和在游戏里手机预览的图片。这个设定非常的费配置,当你激活游戏内摄像头的时候(在pc和手机上都是这样)。现在只有一个摄像头,性能大大提升。
  • 游戏里的手机(在拍照时)现在会被正确的放在中心,在所有时候。
  • 所有的角色现在都会有一些小的眼镜移动效果(眨眼),还原了现实生活中的眨眼。
  • 修复了数学测试中有两个相同答案的bug。
  • 刨冰和自制巧克力已经从女友要的食物列表中移除(只作用于新的存档或者未被加载过得游戏)。
  • 修复了女友会因为手上拿的东西而坐不下来的bug。

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